Guest Amenities & Essentials

You are very ardent with your profession. Hence, guests comfort at your hotel property is your zeal. To meet up with your such passion, we have all varieties of toileteries for different categories of hotel properties suiting the star class. Budget products to luxury ones, we can provide you all of well known brands.

Daily replenishments such as tea, coffee, milk powder; housekeeping mobs, wipers and consumables for cleaning, everything can be provided with to solve all your hotels essentials and consumables needs. You just need to focus on high quality guest service, rest supplies we and our team will love to do it for you.

Architecture Consultancy

Civil Engineering Consultancy

Modular Kitchens for domestic purpose

Doors & Windows Solution

Glass Solution

Hardware, Sanitary & Plumbing Solution

Mattress & Upholstery Solution

Décor & Furnishings Solution

Household AC Solution for domestic purpose

Commercial & Industrial Modular AC Solution-HVAC Contracting

Ceiling Solution

Interior Designing Consultancy

Flooring & Walling Solution

Civil Construction Contracting Services

Professional Commercial Kitchens for Hotels & Restaurants

Consumer Electronics & Stand Alone Appliances Solution for Home Purpose

Furnitures & Fixtures Solution

Painting & Polishing Solution

Main Gates & Grills for Entrance

Safety & Security Solution

We have got various equipments for you and your properties safety such as CCTV Surveillance, safes & lockers, intrusion alarms, boom barriers, biometrics, access control etc. All these enables safety and security to you and your property.

Fire Extinguishing Solution for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Sector

Extended Warranty (EW)

Voltage Stabilizers & Servo Voltage Stabilizers

To safeguard the heavy duty electrical appliances and machines, voltage stabilizers can be customized and installed as per suitability of the project. We have solution for all residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Consumer Electrical Goods & Accessories Solution

Electrical modular cases, switches, boards, switch gears, pumps, solars and all such accessories are an requisite for any constructed site. We have got it all for you. Any electrical goods of mostly all branded makes can be provided and installed by any of your sites at your convenience.

Permanent Placements

Contractual Workforce

Short-term & Project Based Recruitments

Communications Solution

To keep one connected internally & externally, we are providing communication solution like tele services, internet services, portable device communication services for your establishment to stay well connected.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Commercial Electronics & Appliances Solution for Commercial Purpose

Rolling Shutters & Industrial Sheds

HoReCa: Kitchen Consumables

You are an hotelier, restauranteur, caterer; you require kitchen consumables and various groceries to prepare food for the guests. We have all varieties of groceries to supply you with. Local, ethnic; both ingredients of various varieties can be supplied, all procured from good and reputed brands. Organise your events and parties; we are there to take care of your kitchen and grocery requirements.

General Utility Supplies

Keeping up with your passion for great customer experience in  your properties, we have all varieties of bed linens, all types of towels and bath robes suiting to your hotel category. Room equipments such as mini bars, kettles, hair dryers, e-safe, bathroom scale, iron centre, magnifying mirrors; varieties of tables, chairs, mobile stage, dance floors for banquets;  varieties of bell boy and housekeeping carts, baggage and laundry carts, linen carts, luggage racks; dust bins and ground ashtrays; newspaper racks, sign stands, coat hangers, railing stands.

Goods can be provided with the branding of your hotel in each products.

Consumer Lighting & Cabling Solution

We all want our environment to be bright and happening. Here we provide you such brightening solutions. We have got all types of conventional lights, smart lights, fancy lights etc. Get the access of your properties lights control on your cell phone on the go and operate it from wherever you are. Sounds interesting, right! Our expert champions will equip it all for you to merely operate and enjoy. Also we have our technical experts to  point out and lay down the cables at your site connecting them with the main power zone so that it can distribute electrical power in the overall building.

Industrial Electrical Goods & Accessories Solution

Industrial  switches, boards, switch gears, pumps, solars, heavy duty fans, motors, control gears, power quality solutions and all such accessories are an requisite for any constructed site. We have got it all for you. Any electrical goods of mostly all branded makes can be provided and installed by any of your sites at your convenience.

Industrial Cables & Professional Lighting Solution

Cables such as power cables, fire survival cables, solar cables and other industrial cables can be provided and installed at your site by our technical team of experts.  Also heavy duty lights for industries, highways and other interiors and exteriors of any establishments where professioanal lighting needs to be provided, we have it all.

Power Supply & Backup Solution

For efficient and seamless work experience, regardless of electric current is there or not, electric power supply should be there continuosly  in your work space.  Hence, we have got power backup solutions in the form of generators, inverters, online UPS  for you so that you don’t experience inefficiency in  your work ever.

Kitchen Built-In Appliances Solution For Home Purpose

Business Operating Software Solution

IT Management Software Solution

Internet of Things (IoT) Solution

Office Automation Solution